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Saturday, 25 February 2017 08:41

The 2020 DANCE Eisteddfod Schedules  is now available on this website and our Facebook page .  Click on 'Disciplines' on our home page.

Eisteddfod volunteer help

Friday, 05 April 2013 00:27

We urgently require volunteer help for, preferably full sessions ie. 3hours or to conclusion of a particular session.

Please call Peter Crane on 3822 8006 if you can help.


The Redlands Eisteddfod Inc., is an organisation made up totally of volunteers.  The Executive Committee consists of an elected President, Vice President, Secretary,and Treasurer.  In addition to this committee are the elected Sub-Committees of Music, Dance and Speech and Drama, each having an elected Convenor.  All Committee members are elected by financial voting members of the organisation.  Each of these Committee members has many years of experience in their respective areas and are well trusted and liked members of the community in general.  Each member has a 'Blue Card' and a multitude of positive references.  In addition to Volunteer 'Blue Cards' many have Employer 'Blue Cards' as well,  as they are teachers in their field of expertise.

During the actual running of the Eisteddfod itself, between May and November, many additional volunteers are required to make the Eisteddfod happen.  The roles these volunteers as well as the Committee members perform include the following.

ANNOUNCER - (Blue card required), lists the basic codes of conduct required by the audience / parents / carers and teachers, and the competitors.,  prior to the commencement of each session of competition. (1)   Announce each performer or groups of performers as they come on stage.  (2) Read out results of the competition.

MARSHALL / STAGE MANAGER - (Blue Card required), control, supervise and direct competitors back stage prior to performance.

SCRIBE - Write down the comments of the Adjudicator, organise copies of music and poetry/prose etc. to be handed to or held for the Adjudicator at the commencement of each  performance.

COLLATOR - collect copies of music, poetry/prose etc. for the Adjudicator from the competitors prior to the performance.( this is done at the back of the hall normally.)

DRESSING ROOM SUPERVISOR - (Blue card required), Supervise the dressing rooms to ensure safety of all dancers.  Ensure that all dancers, parents and teachers are in the right dressing rooms.

CASHIER - Sell tickets and programmes to those wishing to be in the audience.

DOOR MANAGERS - Control the flow of audience between performances and ensure that everybody who is required to pay has done so.  Make sure no children leave the auditorium alone.

TROPHY / CERTIFICATE MANAGER - Prepare trophies for presentation and write out certificates when purchased by performers.  Hand out adjudication reports.

RUNNER - (Blue card required), bring / call groups or solo performers from dressing rooms to back stage area.

AUDIO MANAGER - Play music disks supplied for dancers and some music performers.

Thanks to our Sponsors

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 11:09

The Redland Eisteddfod is very grateful and proud to have as our Major sponsors, the 'Redland City Council', 'Ellaways Music' and the 'Trophy Superstore'.

The Eisteddfod has enjoyed support from our sponsors in the way of cash sponsorship and assistance with venues since it's inception some 14 years ago. The president, committee and members of the Eisteddfod thanks the Council, Ellaways and the Trophy Superstore for their support.

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